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A cult brand, an audience to renew

In France, Cacolac is one of the rare brands that most of us love for a reason that we somehow ignore. Maybe because the brand is evocating the childhood, an emotion, a pleasure.

In this context, with a fan base that is aging, Cacolac apprehends social networks with an essential objective in mind: to make the new generations love their product

Using codes and target networks

We put in place a new graphic charter and editorial line using language and communication of young people under 25 (mémes, subtle humor, internet trends, newsjacking). This new content strategy has been completed with a Snapchat account.

The content strategy on Instagram has been revised to mix shooting, stop motion and video editing.


The content strategy implemented by Buzzwatch has had a significant impact on community engagement.
The engagement rate on Facebook increased by 113%, while the average number of likes on Instagram increased by 740%.
On Snapchat, 38% of subscribers interacted with the Cacolac account during the 1st year.