Coordination rurale


The 2nd agricultural union in France facing the FNSEA

Since its good results in the last Agricultural Chamber elections in 2013, the Coordination Rurale syndicate is now seen as a challenger and is ambitiously preparing for the 2019 elections. Problem: how to make one’s ideas heard when the leader FNSEA is occupying the media space ?


Using the power of digital to be heard

With La Solution agency, we’ve built a global communication strategy for the Coordination Rurale, mixing print, posters, campaign website and radio. But most of all, the strength of our plan was based on social media, which we used as a tactical media. During a year, we flooded social networks with political content, targeted to an audience of farmers.

30 convictions, 30 vidéos 

For several months, we went out to meet farmers and breeders through the entire country. We produced 30 videos, each one dedicated to a conviction of the Coordination Rurale. These 30 videos were then promoted on Facebook, Youtube and the website. Facebook prints and posts were also made of these 30 convictions.