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« Everyone has a Curver product at home »

Since 1949, Curver has entered in most Europeans homes.

Garbage cans, food storage boxes, storage solutions, the brand sublimates plastic and over the years has made very design and trendy.

More than just highlighting products, Curver wants to inspire consumers around the world through its social strategy.

Thus, the brand faces a double challenge: building a global strategy but specifically adapted to each country while creating exclusive and inspiring brand content on two networks – Facebook and Instagram.

Content is king, everywhere.

Since 2015, we’ve been producing exclusive content for Curver : highlighting products, recipe videos, informative videos, original contests and innovative formats (live photo, post 360 °). A redesign of the graphic charter on the brand’s social networks brings a creative touch and makes the content attractive.
The social strategy is deployed in 7 languages on 2 social networks.

Worldwide Influence marketing

Thanks to our international network of social media agencies, we have established partnerships with macro and micro influencers from around the world.
We have also recruited experts in Storage, DIY, Animals, Cooking, Interior design in several countries to run the Curver blog, translated into 18 languages.
This influencer strategy responds to Curver’s will to establish itself as an inspiring brand for Internet users.