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A historic brand with an international ambition


Fermob, or the little French chair that has conquered the world. In 30 years, this century-old company has gone from nearly bankrupt to an internationally successful company. Specialized in outdoor furniture, Fermob is acknowledged for its high-end products and skills in terms of product design and durability. With strong ambitions, the brand is looking for a solution to manage its social media speaking in different countries.




The Buzzwatch solution: our network


We proposed to Fermob to work with our international social media agency network, Agencies. To start this project, we worked on the creation, animation and daily management of a Facebook and Instagram account in German. Our German partner tobesocial takes care of translations, moderation and brings its cultural knowledge to the target of German design enthusiasts. We assume the good coherence of the whole project and guarantee the work carried out by tobesocial.








The efficiency of our organization has enabled Fermob to penetrate the German market on social networks, and to overcome any cultural and linguistic obstacles. This solution can be easily transposed to other countries, while allowing Fermob to keep only one contact during the entire project.

4 partners, only 1 contact


24,47% Instagram engagement rate after 2 months