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The #1 notebooks brand in offices


Elegant, functional and durable, the Oxford International notebook range is widely used in Europe by executives, businessmen and managers in their daily professional lives. the launch of its new « Notebook Connect », a scannable notebook, we used our European Facebook community of 80,000 fans to invite highly qualified profiles to preview the product.



Relevant testimonials to explain the product


With the launch of Notebook Connect corresponding to new uses, we asked Oxford fans to describe how they would use the product in their own professional context.

In return for sending the product, the testers had to provide a text and visual report of their use of the notebook.



Journalists, business leaders, coaches, trainers, lawyers, managers, commercial directors … the profile of the interested candidates, coming from ten countries, was in real match with our target. The testimonies collected helped us gather relevant insights on the use of Notebook Connect, which were also exploited in the form of Facebook posts throughout the year.