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Simply Vitale


An innovative software for liberal nurses.


In 2012, RM Ingenierie launched Simply Vitale, a revolutionary software concept for liberal nurses. With La Solution agency, we build their global communication all year-long with different tools: direct marketing, press, video and, of course, social networks.

On social media, we have built a community very attached to the brand, proud to belong to this tribe.

Our social media strategy was rewarded in 2016 with a TOP-COM in Silver.




A relationship of trust with our client since 2012.


Each year, the agency questions its work on social media to offer different devices and try new features.

15 videos were produced in partnership with La Solution (branded film, educational films, 3D video, testimonials, viral films, etc.).

We launched the 1st Facebook group of nursing as well as the 1st liberal nursing community on Instagram. Many derivatives around the nurse’s daily life have also been launched (posters, calendars, t-shirts, etc.).


Social networks have become the first prospection tool.


The pull & push strategy implemented on social media has enabled the acquisition of thousands of customers since the launch of our community. Facebook ads campaigns (canvas, 360 ° ..) generate traffic to the website all year round and the content strategy attracts new fans every day.