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MModernizing the brand image


SUBTIL is a brand specialized in coloring products for professionals hairdressers. For several years, the brand has suffered from an aging image due to a failed digital shift. SUBTIL called on Buzzwatch in 2015 to work on its strategy on Facebook then Instagram.




An editorial approach « in two ways »


We quickly set up a clear editorial line meeting two objectives. A first aesthetic approach to work on the brand image over the long term. A second approach, worked with the artistic director of the brand, to deliver professional, expert and technical content to the fans.




Rapid international expansion


With the success of the France Facebook page, we then opened a global international Facebook page with 7 local pages, as well as an animated Instagram account in English.


With about 20,000 professional color hair stylists who subscribed to the brand, SUBTIL’s social networks have become an essential communication channel. Every day, hairdressers get in touch with the brand to benefit from their precious expert advice on coloring.

The work carried out has made it possible to modernize the brand and strengthen its credibility in the face of international competitors such as Wella, Kerastase and L’Oréal Professionnel.