International Marketing Director

« Curver® is the European leader in plastic household products for the home. Since 2015, Buzzwatch has been supporting us effectively on the European management of our social networks (Facebook / Instagram). Thanks to Agencies.Social their international network of agencies, we have the opportunity to work easily with foreign influencers in many fields (cooking, decoration, storage…) and are able to manage our communities in several languages via native community managers. All of this with a single contact responsible for supervising the whole project for all our networks. »


Christian MAVIEL

« Cacolac has worked with La Solution agency and Buzzwatch for many years.

They supported us via promotional plans to encourage the sell out of our products.

They are behind the Facebook page, which currently has 340,000 fans and is an important medium for us.

The agency supports us on our digital strategy: complete redesign of our site (zoning, webdesign, development, integration, SEO, …) and social media strategy (Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat).  »

Caisse d’épargne

Chargée de communication

« We started to work with Buzzwatch agency to refresh our communication on Facebook.

After 1 month, the engagement rate on our page increased to 88% with a clear and modern content strategy.

We are fully satisfied with our collaboration with Buzzwatch. They know how to be proactive, both in ideas and in creative terms. « 

Hamelin Cahiers Oxford

International product manager

« Have worked with La Solution – Buzzwatch for several years mainly on social media projects relating to our « International » notebook range targeting managers and executives.

La Solution – Buzzwatch were very helpful in advising us on a strategy when we decided to set up the Facebook page and together we managed to achieve 90 000 fans from all over Europe after three years.

We also had great engagement on the page which was more important to us as a key measure than the number of fans.

I always found them to be very helpful, full of good ideas and always reasonably priced. They are easy to get on with and always respect their deadlines. »

Hamelin Canson

Catherine BARTHE
Marketing manager

« I worked with Buzzwatch from 2014 to mid 2016. From a Canson US Facebook page of 10,000 fans, we had to quickly develop an international community with priority in 3 countries: France, Spain and the USA.

In just 2 months, the campaigns worked by Buzzwatch have enabled the recruitment of 80,000 new fans at a very low cost and to develop, today, a global community of fans from 90 countries, from all backgrounds and all cultures.

The Buzzwatch agency successfully took charge of the community management strategy in 3 languages, surrounding itself with a team of translators and journalists specializing in Fine Arts for the creation of art content.

I appreciated the professionalism and the responsiveness of the team.  »

Grand Litier

Sophie DUPUY
Head of Marketing and Communication

« We launched a call for tenders in November 2014 with agencies in Paris, Bordeaux and Toulouse, to rework the national Grand Litier website and the 100 store sites.

The challenge was decisive, because it was about moving from a showcase site to a real global digital strategy.

SEO was very important and the agency worked with its consultant, Christelle, which allowed us to gain 18.5% of bitch traffic in SEO.

The agency LA Solution won thanks to the quality of its preparation dossier, with a pragmatic and effective approach, that’s what we wanted. Since then, we have been working with the agency, which accompanies us with monthly meetings during peak times and on a daily basis by being highly responsive to our multiple requests by email.

The results are there with an overall audience increased by + 128%. Since then we have been working with LA SOLUTION and BUZZWATCH who support us on a daily basis.  »

RM Ingénierie


“We are part of the Cegedim group and are publishers of paramedical management softwares.

In 2012, we launched a new solution for liberal nurses: Simply Vitale. This ambitious and functionally disruptive project required a daring approach to communication. It’s in this context that we met the agency LA SOLUTION. They advised us on this national product launch. They first conducted a quality study, then recommended a positioning and a test and learn strategy that we thought was interesting to reach our target effectively. The development of our communication was done with media, non-media, digital, social networks …

La Solution and Buzzwatch have been with us since this launch. We are truly in a spirit of partnership, we say things and we move forward together to boost our business.

We are now the 3rd player in the nursing market and have the strongest growth in the sector!

It took a good product, a good offer but also a good communication strategy to upset a market as tight as ours. We have together transformed this daring gamble into a success story!  »

Coordination Rurale

General manager

« The National Union of the Coordination Rurale, the second agricultural union in France, launched a national consultation in 2017 in order to select a partner agency with a view to supporting it for a year and a half.

Our goal was to find a global agency capable of advising us in our communication strategy, video and photo content production, media presence and digital development, particularly on social networks.

Our Steering Committee was won over by the recommendation of LA SOLUTION and its BUZZWATCH social media department. They were particularly attentive to the culture of our entity and proposed a concept adapted to our ambitions and our budgetary framework. They set up a project team especially for us with a journalist, an SEO expert, a developer, a social media manager, an artistic director, a media purchasing consultant, a photographer… all managed by two people on a daily basis: the head of project and the client manager.

Our collaboration with La Solution and Buzzwatch takes place with complete confidence, respecting our mutual commitments.


Marketing manager

« 10 years of collaboration between LA Solution Agency and the Hamelin Group brands: ELBA, OXFORD, CANSON.

Quality 1: Listening, understanding your problem, like many agencies … But LA Solution takes you further, and will seek to surprise you with new ideas or technologies that will transform your promotional brief into an event.

Case: ELBA celebrates 50 years of the notebook protector; Reveal of the gain in 3D augmented reality by presenting its notebook cover in front of its webcam. 150,000 participants.

Quality 2: The Buzzwatch effect. Associated with the Buzzwatch agency, LA Solution perfectly masters the development of your brand awareness on social networks, with ultra-targeted campaigns and perfect cost control.

Case: CANSON is organizing what will become the biggest drawing competition at the College: THE CANSON CHALLENGE. 50,000 participants / 2 million page views in 1 month on the site.

Quality 3: The Team. Availability and responsiveness, LA SOLUTION’s teams rendered us many services when it was necessary to develop a trade marketing action in record time for a player in GMS.

Quality 4: « It’s up to you to find it out … »